Renewable Energies

DIAL SOLAR RENEWABLES was founded in July 2008, consisting mainly of a young group of professionals with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, whose headquarters is located in A Coruña.

We work anywhere in the world, highlighting important projects in Spain and United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. The main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, to improve day by day, and to be a leading company in the sector, with a clear desire to differentiate from the rest of the competition.

Innovation, experience and a clear commitment to the international market have made 10 years later DIAL SOLAR is positioned as one of the best Parnert for photovoltaic energy investors.

Engineering and Construction Management

DIAL SOLAR RENEWABLES has the following team
of Engineers with more than 20 projects.
solar photovoltaic systems in different countries.

The coordination of our assembly teams
for the correct execution according to the standards of
quality and execution deadlines set by the
client, are our main objective.

Structure and Panel Assembly

We have our own installation equipment,
installers prepared and trained to carry out
the correct installation of the works. This
allows us to control the quality levels without deviating
the very demanding execution deadlines that
projects require. Our availability
geographical area covers any part of the world.

Civil Works

We manage and execute all the
infrastructures of the photovoltaic plant,
from provincial roads, roads, drainage and urbanization, trenches for the canalizations
electrical, reinforced concrete slabs for
installation of equipment and metal enclosures
necessary for the correct installation of an entire
solar power plant.


We have our own Topography Equipment with
extensive experience in lace parks
photovoltaic and stakeout of anchorage points of the
the structures, vital element for the correct
start of execution.

Electrical installations

We carry out the part of the electrical installation in the
photovoltaic projects, from the wiring, the
installation of direct current switchboards and
electric inverters. After commissioning
we reviewed the global project to ensure the
correct operation of the entire installation.

The activity of DIALSOLAR
RENEWABLES focuses on the
construction and development of all types
of renewable solar energy projects,
with a primary vocation for the
integral management of projects in
BOS format: engineering, construction,
manufacture, assembly, installation and